What's Happily 
Ever After, Anyway?

  by Michelle Taylor

     For your sixteenth birthday you get great tickets to a rock concert and meet the boy of your dreams.
     What more can you ask for? Well, you might want to erase last year's disastrous romance with a football star. Or you might want your handsome, guitar-playing new love to be the Prince Charming on a white horse in the fairy tales you heard as a child. You might want to live with him forever in a castle in the sky.
     But sometimes real life intrudes.
     And you might find yourself asking "What's Happily Ever After, Anyway?"

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ISBN: 978-0974648132  
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What Reviewers
are Saying About this Book

Gr 9 Up–When she was 14, Miranda lost her virginity to the school's football star, causing her to become the subject of much teasing and even some harassment. At 16, she meets Keith, the boy of her dreams, at a rock concert. She wants things to be different with him, but temptation gets the best of them, and she becomes pregnant. Although the two are in love, Miranda is inclined to have an abortion, while Keith thinks they should have the baby. This novel will appeal to teenage girls because of its romance and drama. It shows that there are consequences to the decision to have sex, but the choices that one has to make about an unwanted pregnancy aren't fully elaborated on; abortion or keeping the baby seem to be the teen's only options. Some readers may not agree with Miranda, yet they will identify with the heavy issues that face teenagers on the verge of adulthood
                                                           –School Library Journal, February 1, 2005
Fresh and realistic is how the book comes across. While it makes you feel good, it has no elements of untruth or imagination that disturb the aura of everyday life. Taylor paints a beautiful picture of the Watson family and their interpersonal relations as she uses a narrative by Miranda as the tone of the story. You'll get your money's worth and while you're recommending the book to your friends, I'm busy reminiscing of sweet sixteen.
                                                                     –BookWire Review November 2004

About the Author

Michelle Taylor has lived in Colorado most of her thirty-something years. She likes chai tea, homemade pesto, faded jeans, and acoustic guitars. Currently she drives a purple mini-van but dreams of a vintage Mustang with a white leather interior. Love stories come easily for Michelle because she’s never forgotten the magic of first kisses and slow dances. When she grows up, she’d like a job naming lipstick and nail polish colors.
Excerpt from What's Happily Ever After, Anyway?

     I got my driver's license the next day, so discussing the concert was pushed back. Everyone acted like the license was a big deal, Dad took off from work to go with me to the testing center, and my little sister Ali gave me a grubby penny to put in my pocket for good luck. Mom even called from the office to give me last-minute tips on parallel parking.

     I was probably the least excited, even though I should have been glad to live in Colorado, one of the few states left to grant driving privileges at sixteen. But it wasn't like I was getting my own car. I was going to share an old battered Jeep with my brother Mack. Like he'd ever let me drive. In fact, I sort of wondered if there was a family conspiracy to keep me home. But Mack seemed pleased when I came home with the license in my back pocket.

     He handed me a freshly copied key and said, "Welcome to the Watson's Limousine Service. You will be the new escort of one Alison Watson to countless birthday parties, ballet lessons, and Brownie meetings. Buckle up and smile and don't expect a big tip."

     He grabbed his basketball and headed out to the driveway. "By the way, Tasha called."

     The phone rang before I got a chance to call her back.

     "Hello!" Ali shouted, triumphant at getting to the phone first, "Just a minute." Disappointed that it wasn't one of her giggly friends, she handed me the phone. "It's a boy." She picked up the sidewalk chalk she had dropped in her mad dash to the phone and went outside.

     "Hello," I said, taking the phone up to my room.

     "Hi. This is Keith. From last night." 

     As if I had forgotten!...

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