The Twilight Box
Tales of Terre II
by Troon Harrison



Sequel to award winning novel THE SEPARATED, THE TWILIGHT BOX takes us to a new land of desert and mist-crowned mountains. Ambro, the sea urchin from the previous book, is now 16, and in Terre, he searches for his unknown family, who may be the ruling Kiffa-walkers. Noleena, a princess of the defeated and enslaved Wind-wanderers, must search for the magic spell that will free her people from the rulers' cruelty and restore the balance and friendship that once united the two peoples.
     A colorful, exciting fantasy set in a fully realized world of violence, beauty and enchanment.

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ISBN: 978-0976812678 
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What Reviewers are saying about The Twilight Box

"To live in a world of webbed feet desert wind-wanderers, golden Kiffa-walkers, and mysterious godly creatures is a fantasy experience made reality in Troon Harrison's land of Terre. Harrison has outdone herself in this masterpiece of imagination and adventure."  -Sonia R. Polinsky/2009 for curled up with a good kid's book

"This excellent book should, with its prequel, be part of every school library's collection."  "Excellent" rating. - Krista Johansen, Resource Links Connecting Classrooms, Libraries, and Canadian Learning Resources

"A brilliant fantasy of adventure and magic, by the much-awarded author of The Separated."

"This volume raises some serious matters such as the issue of race and what it can mean to be perceived as “different.” The story involves magical creatures, an evil sorceress, and youthful, romantic stirrings. It touches on slavery and brutality, put forward in a well-written tale that will be appreciated by those who love fantasy. Where the first book in the series was written with a medieval Italian flavour, this tale reads more like something out of the Arabian Nights which is not a bad setting for a story that takes place in another world where magic can be part of the daily life."  Recommended. Ronald Hore, involved with writer’s groups and writer’s workshops for several years, retired from the business world in Winnipeg, MB. CM . . . . Volume XIV Number 4 . . . . October 12, 2007  CM Magazine

      "This is a story that brings to mind the oral traditions of our past where everyone sat around a storyteller, all ears attuned to the melodic sounds of the story with hearts thumping as the adventure unfolds."
       "The Twilight Box: Tales of Terre II by Troon Harrison has the feel of an oft told tale begged for by children of every generation. This is a story that brings to mind the oral traditions of our past where everyone sat around a storyteller, all ears attuned to the melodic sounds of the story with hearts thumping as the adventure unfolds. Yes, these are my favorite type of stories, the kind that make you see, hear and feel what the characters do. This one is the story of young Ambro, an orphan who finds himself in the middle of one of those adventure tales and isn’t sure why he has to be the hero."
-FantasyBookSpot - fantasy book reviews and fantasy book author interviews

Troon and Chinook

Troon Harrison is an internationally published award-winning author and editor.

She was born in Canada but grew up in Cornwall, England. After schooling, she returned to Canada and now lives near Toronto, where she writes and teaches.

She writes in a range of genres--picture books, teen novels, and junior chapter books-some 22 books in all.

If you'd like to write to her, her e-mail address is:

Excerpt from The Twilight Box
   The horses surged forward with sand spraying from their hooves and the moon floating tiny in their eyes; their flaring nostrils sucked at wind. Noleena crouched over Dune Dancer’s neck, her face whipped by flying mane, and laughed aloud with exhilaration; the mare’s ears flicked back to catch the sound before it was torn away. The drumming rhythm of hoof beats filled Noleena’s head. For a moment she closed her eyes and felt darkness rushing past her, the world spinning beneath pounding hooves, stars wheeling overhead, and power coursing through the mare as she plunged swiftly into the desert’s vast fields of sand. Noleena had never known such freedom, such powerful rushing joy.
   “Noleena!” Hasani shouted beside her, and she opened her eyes to see that they were riding knee to knee and that his face was alight with excitement. He caught her hand and for a few hundred yards they flew together across the light and shadows that pattered the desert, their bodies and the bodies of the horses all one united mass of muscle and movement. Then, at the touch of Hasani’s legs, Sun Runner veered off and their joined hands parted.