The Separated THE FIRST TALE OF TERRE by Troon Harrison


The Separated
The First Tale of Terre

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Our Choice 2007
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What Reviewers are saying about The Separated
...Troon Harrison has created a fantastic world full of interesting and memorable characters. The three main characters are vulnerable and trying to understand their place in the world around them, something that will be recognizable to many young adult readers. ...Fantasy readers will especially appreciate the rich details that are woven throughout the story about time and place. The subplot with Giovanni and the pirates might also attract readers who are looking for an adventure story. The Separated is an exciting, fast paced fantasy that will appeal to many young adult readers who appreciate the genre.
Recommended for schools and libraries.
Thematic Links: Fantasy Fiction; Good vs. Evil; Magic; Sorcery; Pirates
                               Resource Links –Connecting Classrooms, Libraries & Canadian Learning  Resources Volume 12, Number 1, October 2006

      This story will appear to many fans of fantasy tales. While seemingly targeted toward the young adult market, (the main characters are sixteen), the book may also appeal to adult fantasy readers as well, especially those who love tales told in a style reminiscent of an Italian Medici mystery.
Recommended  -CM Magazine

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About the Author

Troon Harrison is an internationally published award-winning author and editor.

She was born in Canada but grew up in Cornwall, England. After schooling, she returned to Canada and now lives near Toronto, where she writes and teaches.

She writes in a range of genres--picture books, teen novels, and junior chapter books-some 22 books in all.

If you'd like to write to her, her e-mail address is:

Excerpt from The Separated

     Hour after hour the magrazzi’s slender legs ate up the miles as the mountains loomed closer, like a breaking wave of blackness against the stars. In the darkest hour of the night, the hour before dawn, the magrazzi slowed its pace and began to climb upwards while Vita hunched in the purple saddle, too cold and exhausted and sick with anxiety to move or speak. Sometimes she heard the voices of wombos muttering softly in the forest and sometimes the moon shone in their eyes as they hung on branches. A hunting gufo hooted far away and a moon moth fluttered past, its green wings translucent in the faint light.
     The magrazzi moved more slowly as the path steepened until it was picking its way at a walk, its delicate cleft hooves searching for safe places on the rocky ground.
     I must rest, it said shyly at last. Sorry.
     Rest, don’t worry, Vita told it and the animal moved off the trail and folded its legs, sinking into the shadow beneath a magnolia tree. Vita slid off and fell face forward, her legs too stiff to support her. She knelt and pulled a blanket from her pack, which she spread beside the magrazzi. Its wide eyes were already closed, its purple curling lashes hanging down. Vita huddled against its warm velvet side and fell into a fitful sleep.
     The birds awoke Vita at dawn as the olive thrush’s music and moon wren’s chitter filled the forest and splashed down the mountain slopes:. Vita rubbed her cold arms and aching back. The magrazzi still slept and Vita remembered that it was a night animal in its own land. She stared at it for a moment in sympathy and admiration, wishing that she didn’t have to wake it.
     Sister, she whispered and the animal's lashes fluttered.
     It’s morning. I’m sorry to wake you. We have to go on -- my journey’s urgent. I must guard the Corno d'Oro.

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