Tales of the Borderlands - Book Two

by Meg Burden
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LIST PRICE: $8.95  
PAGES: 312  
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0979882418
PUBLISHER: Brown Barn Books

"In  turmoil, the Northlands are divided by King Alaric's decrees welcoming the Southlings and their magic, and those who hate and fear them.  Ellinís native Southland is being torn apart by the mysterious Guardians, and she must choose between fighting for equality in the Northlands, helping others escape from the Guardians who killed her family. Loyalty and romance, secrets and destinies, threaten to tear Ellinís world asunder, especially when a loved one betrays her and old enemies become new friends.  Only one thing is certain: the Borderlands will never be the same again."

What Reviewers are saying about... The King Commands

"Although targeted for young adults, older readers will also enjoy the second Borderlands fantasy filled with plenty of intrigue, romance, and adventure. Readers will admire the lead couple as they act like ordinary people though one is a royal and the other a magic practitioner. Fans will root for them as they escape harrowing situations. With strong political spins throughout like a king deeding magic to win a war but many of his subjects believe that is taboo, Meg Burden provides a deep thinking yet action-packed fantasy thriller." Harriet Klausner, Senior Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review.

ďBurdenís deft characterization and meticulous descriptions plunge the reader into a maelstrom of events.Itís a brisk gallop to keep up, but the story flows well; readers will be eagerly turning pagesÖĒ  Tanita S. Davis, A La Carte and Mareís War.

 ďÖa lovely, complex story of love and friendship, brotherhood and loss, and the characters will linger long after you close the book.Ē Melissa Scott, Five-Twelfths of Heaven.

ďA worthy sequel to NORTHLANDER, emotionally rich and compelling.Ē R.J. Anderson, Faery
Rebels: Spell Hunter

Meg Burden                 

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About the Author

     Meg Burden has been writing and reading fantasy and science fiction since sometime around kindergarten. In true science fashion, but in real life, she graduated from college when she was 18  and shortly afterward, began writing when she wasn't waitressing, bartending, tending parrots (really), and teaching as a graduate student at the University of Virginia.

   Nowadays she lives in a small Nebraska town with no stoplights and more cows than people and works part of the time on a farm. She breeds and raises Siamese cats when she isn't involved with  online science fiction fandom.


"IÖreach for the ties in my hair. Once itís unbraided, tumbling down my back, I pause for a moment, holding a soft handful with my eyes shut tight. I wish for a mirror, so I could see it one last time, and so I could see what Iím about to do. But if I had one, Iím not sure I could force myself to go through with it. My heart is in my throat as I lift the shears. I open them, take a shuddering breath, pull the hank of hair out straight, and aim. With a tiny, inarticulate noise, I lower the shears again. I canít do this. I canít. Not my hairÖ All it takes is another steadying breath, the memory of Jak calling me a trollop, remembering what he did. An uncaring fire burns through me, and this time, when I lift the shears, I donít hesitate before I snap them shut..."

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