Return to Aten
The Second Chronicle of Aten
by Lynn Sinclair
List price: $8.95
 Pages: 212
 Format: Paperback
 ISBN: 978-0976812609
 Publisher: Brown Barn Books



What Reviewers are Saying About this Book
     "...Aten is a fully realized fantasy world, complete with its own altered creatures and people living in a medieval way in a geography close to that of our present day Earth. The magic that infuses Aten swirls about the children of the Nera and profoundly affects Jodi's view of herself. Even Jodi's cat, Chowder, who travels with her to Aten, seems to be steeped in a prescient reality that Jodi ignores at her peril. The subtext of the destruction of the earth and its societies as we know it today is subtle but will attract teens who are concerned with the environment. 
     Middle school fantasy readers who ate up the first volume in this series, Key to Aten, will eagerly follow Jodi in to her second adventure."
--Joan Marshall, CM: Canadian Review of Materials Volume XIII, No.6,, November 2006


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About the Author

   Lynn Sinclair lives north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada with her husband, daughter and two cats. The surrounding forests filled with winding paths, and fields dotted with grazing horses were her inspiration for the sometimes frightening, yet always beautiful world of Aten. Lynn is currently working on Jodiís next adventure.

Excerpt from Return to Aten

"What am I supposed to do here?"... "I'm just one person. And what's with the Major? Why don't you do something about him?"

"I can't."

"But you said you could control everything but me. You said --."

She raised her palm to stop me.

"Our plans were put into place long ago--the archive, you and the necklace, the dream travelers, the Nera--everything we could think of to help. Tuldume, or the Major as you call him, was not part of our plans and there's nothing I can do about him now."

"Then you lied."...

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