Tales of the Borderlands - Book One
by Meg Burden
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     The debut novel of a young American writer creates a world of fantasy, where the land is divided into two-- the Northlands and the Southlands.
     Ellin, a girl from the Southland, is forced to go with her physician father to heal the Northland king, even though Southlanders are despised and feared throughout the cold country. Ellin must find a way to battle both the people from the North and then her own people, the Southlanders, to survive in a icy and hostile land.
     A great debut novel of a land in sometimes magical combat.

What Reviewers are saying about Northlander

"The author’s careful attention to everyday details builds a richly believable fantasy world with a medieval flair. A strong heroine, Ellin matures as the narrative progresses. There is plenty of action, danger, and page-turning suspense, and issues of prejudice and persecution are well handled. Science-fiction fans will appreciate the threat of mind control as a weapon. A satisfying ending with a hint of future romance will have readers eagerly awaiting the sequel. "       
–Quinby Frank, Green Acres School, Rockville, MD,
                                                                   School Library Journal, February 2008

"Peril and prejudice threaten a young healer-in-training in this promising fantasy. Although Southlings are treated with open contempt in the Northlands, a surreptitious plea for their help brings teenaged Ellin, the narrator, and her learned father over the border to heal the desperately ill Northlands king. Against their wills, Ellin and the king’s five grown sons find themselves liking each other, and Ellin discovers that she can talk with them mind to mind. She also comes to realize that her unusual gifts extend to psychic healing and to the ability to control the actions of others. Giving Ellin a lively character and the resilience to survive physical dangers and devastating personal losses, Burden places her in a conventional, well ordered setting, supplies a sturdy supporting cast and—an unusual touch—replaces the customary sorts of villains with people who resort to violent deeds out of innocence or good intentions. Although billed as the series opener for Tales of the Borderlands, this stands alone so well that it’s hard to see what’s coming next.
— John Peters
Booklist January 2008

     "Burden displays exceptional skill in simply stated characters and scenes that leave the reader room for imagination. The book is well-written and feels like a real, believable story throughout. My husband and I both read the book, and we both found the scene where the lead character saves a foal during birthing very touching. It is heartening that she could turn the heart of more than one young man with this simple, thoughtful deed in the face of thoughtless racism." 
–Lillian Brummet  
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Meg Burden

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About the Author

     Meg Burden has been writing and reading fantasy and science fiction since sometime around kindergarten. In true science fashion, but in real life, she graduated from college when she was 18  and shortly afterward, began writing when she wasn't waitressing, bartending, tending parrots (really), and teaching as a graduate student at the University of Virginia.

   Nowadays she lives in a small Nebraska town with no stoplights and more cows than people and works part of the time on a farm. She breeds and raises Siamese cats when she isn't involved with  online science fiction fandom.

Excerpt from Northlander
   It is only when Father and I are back out on the road, getting wet again now that it has begun to rain in earnest, that I allow myself to let my breath out in a whoosh. It's ridiculous, but I feel as if I've been holding it in since I heard about the Guardians.
   "You knew about the Guardians?" I ask after a moment, squinting to see him in
the light of the small lantern we borrowed from the Alders.
Father doesn't look at me. "Wait 'til we're home," he says shortly, quickening his pace with an audible squelching of mud.
   I sigh. "But--"
   "Ellin!" he snaps. "Be still, and obey me without questioning, for once."
   I nod and look at the ground, stung until it occurs to me that it wasn't anger I heard in his tone, but fear. The idea of my father being afraid makes me shiver. It takes quite an effort not to look over my shoulder or jump at shadows and regular nighttime noises.
   The walk home seems to take longer than it ever has, and I breathe another sigh of relief when Father unlocks the door and we step inside. I don't even have time to enjoy being out of the rain, though, before he speaks.
   "Yes," he says, sounding tired and holding his coat in his hands as if he's forgotten where to hang it. "I knew about the Guardians. I had hoped I wouldn't have to tell you yet."

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