Lesson Plans

Discussion/Comprehension Questions:

Chapters 1-10

  1. Why does Nick admit he killed someone?
  2. Why does Nick think his sister should not visit him anymore?
  3. What is Nick’s mom saying when she tells him “only mean people are stupid?
  4. Why do you think Nick likes Alice?
  5. How do you think the Christmas tree ended up going through the window?

Chapters 11-20

  1. Why do you think Nick’s dad does not want Alice to go to college?
  2. What do you think Nick’s dad likes about Brad?
  3. What does Nick mean at the end of chapter 14 when he says Brad won?
  4. Why does Sam call Alice fat?
  5. Why does Mrs. Brown make a big deal about Nick’s math test?
  6. What does Mrs. Brown mean, “protecting yourself should never be fun.”?

Chapters 21-30
  1. Why is Nick’s mom so upset when his father brings home a gun?
  2. Why do you think Nick follows Alice?
  3. Why do you think Nick is more scared of his dad than Hope is?
  4. What makes Nick think Brad wants to hurt him?
  5. Why do you think Nick’s dad hates the lights of the Christmas tree.

Chapters 31-40

  1. What makes Nick finally stand up to his father?
  2. Why does Brad give Nick the correct apartment number?
  3. What makes Nick’s father laugh when he comes into the apartment?
  4. What does Nick mean, his father killed his mother?
  5. In chapter 38, why does Nick say he doesn’t trust Alice anymore?
  6. What does Nick mean when he says the police won’t do anything?

Chapters 41-43

  1. Why does Nick think it is not an accident?
  2. Why does Nick think college won’t change him?


  1. How do people make other people feel stupid?
  2. What is one of the meanest things anyone ever did to you?
  3. What is one of the meanest things you ever did to someone else?
  4. Would you use a gun if someone was attacking you?
  5. What makes you feel worse, being stupid or being mean? Why?


THICK by Colin Neenan