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ISBN: 978-0974648125
Publisher: Brown Barn Books

Home to the Sea
by Chester Aaron

Strange changes begin for twelve-year-old Marian as she starts to understand a secret her mother and her grandmother already know. Why don't they tell her?

And how a couple of years later, can Marian, who has never had a swimming lesson, be known world-wide, wooed by college swim coaches and Sports Illustrated for their cover as a world-class Olympic swimmer? Why does she hear inhuman voices calling her to the sea? What on earth is happening to her?

In this enchanting story of her transformation from a girl to a myth, readers who love mermaids and the sea and adventure will join Marian going Home to the Sea

What Reviewers
are Saying About this Book

...Aaron creates a believable picture of a girl moving from the normal into the supernatural, without using explicit magic or spells. Realistic intergenerational conflict among the protagonist, her mother and her grandmother adds to the mix.
–School Library Journal November 2004

...Aaron skillfully weaves an uncanny tale of suspense, family secrets, relationships, and love. By adding an enchanting mixture of fantasy and comedy, he comes up with a novel that keeps the reader on tenterhooks....A novel that one would love to return to again and again, Home to the Sea leaves a tremendous impression on the minds of the young adolescent reader...
                                    – BookWire Review November 2004

About the Author

Chester Aaron has been an x-ray technician and an English professor, and is a well known grower of gourmet garlic in California. But most of all, he is a writer. Several of his young-adult and adult novels will soon be available as audio-books. Several of his prize-winning books for young adults have been honored by the New York Public Library and the National Society of Social Workers, one was a selection of the Junior Literary Guild, and one became a 90-minute ABC-TV weekend special.

For many years Aaron has been a supporter of the environment and a volunteer in marine mammal rescue efforts. His volunteer work in one rescue, of a Humpback whale trapped in the Sacramento River, brings authenticity to the sea mammal rescues in Home to the Sea.

If you would like to write him, his e-mail address is

Excerpt from Home to the Sea

She stepped down from the rock shelf to the sand. The receding tide caught and pulled her feet from under her. She sat and slid on the thick mud-slush to firmer foam-washed sand where she could stand up. She walked toward the breaking surf, pulling off her nightgown and tossing it back over her head. She ran across the sand until the incoming tide reached her ankles and then her knees. She arched her body and entered the advancing waves headfirst, arms at her sides. Her laughter, like a song, greeted the ocean as if it were a more familiar force in her life than land had ever been.


The calls were closer now and clearer, variations of pitch and tone that rose, more distinct, above the sounds of surf and wind to form and almost solid tapestry of nonhuman voices that floated across the waves.

Marian wasn't sure if she was above the water, moving over it, or deep below, slipping through it.

Her arms and legs stopped moving and she floated, yielding to the waves. Then, swimming again, she rushed beyond the breaking waves into an endless stretch of smooth placid water. her eyes seemed to reflect huge dollops of the moon's white light.

The lights on land were lost now. There was only the moon and the stars and the night.

She might have slept there in the water had the calls not again come from the sea, chasing each other around her floating body--an undulating chorus of high-pitched, sharp-edged songs precise as bird calls, starting in low tones and rising to a pitch so high her ears ached in response. Guttural sounds replaced the high sharp calls to be replaced in turn by an occasional but clearly audible series of clicks, long sentences composed of clicks.

 Here then was the source of the calls that had called her from the house and guided her down the side of the cliff to the water. The calls came from the denizens of these waters, the beasts she could feel now all around her, could even see, now and then. Floating islands hurled from the bottom of the ocean up to the surface of the water, some of these towering  above her, some of them moving beneath her, many lying close beside her. As they frolicked around her, Marian felt a joy she knew she never had known before and would never ever know on land when she returned.

These ocean creatures were offering themselves to her as friends, as brothers, as sisters.

One and then another of the creatures drifted beneath her and, rising, lifted her clear of the water. As they moved her, as they carried her through the wind and then deposited her gently inside the troughs that followed each of the rolling waves she could see, in the moonlight, a vast armada of other sleek bodies gathered to welcome her into their world.... 

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