Baxter Moon Galactic Scout
by John Zakour

List price: $9.95
Pages: 208
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780976812692
Publisher: Brown Barn Books

     Baxter’s first mission is to locate a missing Aquarian ship that has been taken over by a group of aliens whose aim is to subjugate Earth by “entertaining” its citizens to death. His second mission is to rescue a beautiful blue-haired Aquarian princess, known affectionately as “Your Highness.” Baxter is assisted in his missions by his able but peculiar shuttle crew—an enormous girl who’s a mechanical genius, a small, extremely klutzy math wizard, a genetically modified chimpanzee, and a nit-picking, overly sensitive computer.





"An sf tale with a satiric twist, this novel pits a hotshot student pilot and his genetically modified crew against an invasion force of robot TVs.  ...The gags fly thick and fast (the author writes them for a living), and his ever-cocky protagonist repeatedly saves the day—usually in a spectacularly destructive way. Fans of Kathy Mackel’s tongue-in-cheek romps with happily tune in to this one."  —John Peters, Booklist,  May 15, 2008

"Gr 5-8–In this humorous science-fiction adventure, Baxter Moon is in training to become a deep-space shuttle pilot. Many of his fellow scouts have been bionically enhanced to see great distances or have superhuman strength, and others are genetically enhanced animals, but Baxter is an ordinary teen who seems to have the unerring ability (well, most of the time) to do the right thing at the right time. He’s there when a robotic alien force overpowers a sensitive diplomatic mission, and he and his teammates must conquer it–without using any weapons. This silly space adventure won’t give “Star Wars” or the X-Men much competition, but its simply written, easy-to-follow narrative will appeal to adventure fans, particularly reluctant readers."– Walter Minkel, Austin Public Library, TX, School Library Journal, June 2008

"John Zakour has written a fabulous science fiction thriller filled with humor, action, and tense decisions that could impact both races [There are two humanoid type races.]. The support cast who make Baxter’s team are fully developed and readers will enjoy their escapades especially GiS the brilliant bioengineered monkey and the extremely strong young lady Zenna. Hopefully this is the first in a new young adult outer space series because readers will adore Baxter."  -Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

"Know a young reader who'd get a kick out of the zany space elements of John Zakour's Zach Johnson P.I. novels, but doesn’t have the context to appreciate their noir, pulpy roots? Introduce them to Baxter Moon, Galactic Scout instead. John writes a variety of material for younger audiences, including several Nickelodeon properties, and brings his boyish sensibilities to the adventures of Baxter. Imagine a Starfleet Academy cadet, caught in a Robert Heinlein juvenile space adventure, with a twist of Orson Scott Card's Ender, and you’ve got Baxter. He might just save Earth from invading aliens, if he can restrain his impulses long enough to think ahead."  Mysterious Galaxy Books --MeH

"...If you liked the young adult science fiction books of the '70s and '80s, give Baxter Moon Galactic Scout a try. I hope it gives you the same nostalgic feelings and laughter that it gave me."   SFRevu, April 2008

"Baxter Moon, Galactic Scout, by John Zakour, is a funny and exciting new science fiction book for youth. ...Youngsters will enjoy this science fiction adventure with snarky computers and plenty of action.", Feb.27, 2008

  About the Author
    John Zakour is a humor/sf/fantasy writer with an online Master’s degree in Human Behavior. He has written gags for syndicated comics and comedians (including: Rugrats, Grimmy, Marmaduke, Bound and Gagged, Dennis the Menace, and The Tonight Show). John also writes his own syndicated comic, Working Daze, for United Media that appears in papers in the US, Scotland, Canada and Taiwan and has a regular web following with over 50,000 readers. John has been the weekly cartoonist for and has sold cartoons or gags to hundreds of journals, magazines and web sites. He also has been a regular contributor to Nickelodeon magazine. Starting in 2008, John will be the regular Sunday writer of the Marmaduke comic, featured in over 400 papers. He is the author of The Frost-Haired Vixen, The Plutonium Blonde, Dangerous Dames,The Radioactive Redhead, The Doomsday Brunette and several other books, nonfiction as well as fiction.
Excerpt from Baxter Moon Galactic Scout
                My name, and I’m not making this up, is Baxter Moon. I’m a second year space scout at the Galactic Academy of Scouts. We all call it GAS for short.
                Before I came here, I was just plain Baxter Moon, happy-go-lucky kid. That was until the day I entered a video game contest playing Star Scout Seven-4D. Much to my surprise I won. Even more to my surprise, the grand prize was a full scholarship to the elite Galactic Academy. Second prize was a 10-meter, paper-thin screen, super duper high definition TV. On a lot of days, I’m pretty certain I got shafted mega time....