A Novel of Sisters and Secrets  
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   In a small Midwest town at the end of World War II, the Rubinson girls are governed by the strict unwritten rules of their time and place, although Peggy, the younger sister, steals from Victory Gardens, guiltily shoplifts her family’s Christmas presents, hopes someone tall will ask her for a date, and befriends a girl whose family has escaped the Holocaust. Her pretty older sister, Janice, a popular high school Homecoming Queen, dutifully follows the rules for nice girls but has a secret life. And when she is wounded by a disastrous event that’s never supposed to happen, she must keep the secret from everyone, even herself.

A story about girls for grownups.

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ALMOST LOST, NEARLY FOUND: A Novel of Sisters and Secrets

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     “With an authentic voice and rich historical details, Nancy Hammerslough tells the story of two sisters at the  end of World War II in Indiana and handles sensitive matter with a deft touch. Adults and young adults will relate to both characters as their stories end in a satisfying conclusion.”-- Ann Howard Creel, author of the award-winning UNDER A STAND STILL MOON and THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS, (also a Hallmark Presentation film).

Great review and interview on WICC600, with Jim Buchanan, December 10, 2010.

Nancy Hammerlough
About the Author    

In an earlier life, Nancy Hammerslough taught anthropology and founded a company that publishes archaeological slides for college and museum teaching. She photographed major archaeological sites and their artifacts all over the world. She also produced and co-wrote for public television “The Outlivers,” an Emmy award-winning historical documentary film, and co-produced or co-wrote several other productions for educational television. Nowadays, in addition to writing and teaching in a community college, she publishes award-winning books for young adults. She lives in a historic barn in Connecticut with her husband and a small poodle named George, plus Phyllis, a venerable Siamese cat.  She’d be delighted to hear from you. If you’d like to write to her, her email address is

Excerpt from ALMOST LOST, NEARLY FOUND A Novel of Sisters and Secrets

"December 26, 1945

I saw Mother sitting on the bed with Janice’s beautiful white formal on her lap. She was just sitting there, looking out the window.  If the phone rings she rushes to answer it because she thinks Janice may still call or send a telegram. Yesterday my best friend Frances asked me if I thought Janice was dead. I nearly hit her. I know Janice is alive in New York or someplace else. We keep waiting to hear from her…or from somebody who’s seen her or heard about her. We’re just waiting.

I want Janice to come home more than anything in the world, but I want to be happy again too. I want to go to school and kid around and worry about whether we’re going to win the basketball tourney this year. I want people to stop asking me if we’ve heard from Janice. I want to stop wondering if I should say something to Mother and Dad about what happened."