Brown Barn Books, is a publisher of books for young adults-from about 10 up.

Books make a difference. They open whole worlds of different people, where we touch their lives, their places, their times, whether the places are in our own towns or in another galaxy, and whether the times are in 1,000 B.C. or in 2024 and beyond.

We live with other people's problems and live with their solutions, good or bad. We cry with them and share their love and laughter and our own lives are richer for it.

Books make a difference.

Brown Barn Books is a division of Pictures of Record, Inc. publishers of educational materials for schools, universities and museums. Pictures of Recordís texts, annotated texts and images, licensed web sites and CD-ROMs are used for teaching and research by thousands of institutions throughout the world.



art work by Liz Ward

Brown Barn Books
A division of Pictures of Record, Inc.

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